Capitalist class - definition

Updated: 21 May 2008, 22:21

The capitalist class is people who are dependent upon ownership of the means of production — the capital of the world. The means of production includes factories, land and real estate other than one’s home, transportation systems (railways, trucking lines, commercial aircraft). Capitalist’s need not work. Their dividends, etcetera, provide sufficient income. The Capitalist class includes: Class is not determined by one’s income. Some capitalists may have lower incomes than some workers. The key is that they need not work for a living. They own enough capital (such as stocks or bonds, or direct ownership of a business) to be able to live comfortably on the income generated by that capital.

Class is determined by one’s relation to the means of production. Those who own the factories, the banks, airlines, railroads, trucking companies, shipping lines, etcetera, are capitalists — members of the capitalist class.

Members of the capitalist class may work. However, it is an option for them, which is quite a different situation than is faced by the working class.
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